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Is your non-profit grant ready?

Grant writing involves a lot of preparations. Think of a person climbing a ladder. The person cannot make it to the top, until he/she has successfully navigated each of the steps below. Here are a few steps for your organization to review. You need to have these items ready as you think about grant proposals for your non-profit organization:

1.) Do you have a copy of your IRS current paperwork showing your Federal Tax ID number and documenting your organization with 501(c)3 tax exemption status?

2.) Do you have a current W-9 Blanket Tax Exemption form signed by your CEO?

3.) Are your Articles of Incorporation filed, including any updates made to your name?

4.) Are you in good status with the Secretary of State as a 501(c)3 charitable organization?

5.) Have you had a recent audit?

6.) Do you have a list of your current board members, with contact information, terms of service, and affiliations?

7.) Do you have minutes of your most recent board meetings?

8.) Do you have an annual budget that is easily understood ("grant ready") and explicitly documents how you get income as well as what you expect your annual expenses to be?

9.) Do you have a current Income Statement?

10.) Do you have a current Balance Sheet?

11.) Do you have a current list of all your employees with a brief summary of each's role?

12.) Do you have a good track record with previous grant awards?

If you have all these items, then you are ready to effectively start grant writing. Good luck!

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