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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm happy to answer any of your questions.  Here are a few common ones below.

 01  How much does it cost?

There are fees associated with grant searching, with grant drafting, and with grant reporting.  To get a specific quote to your particular project or organization, please write me an email and ask for an estimate and scope of work.  I'll send you information related then to the types of work you are seeking.  All work is completed on a contractor agreement basis with signature required on contract prior to work beginning.




 02  Can my organization do some of the work on our own?

123 Grant Writer LLC can do the entire grant arena from grant searching, to award acceptance, to grant reporting if you wish.   However, if you just need us to help you with just one piece of this, then we can provide you a quote for just one item of service.   Many groups might already have a list of grants that you would like written.  In that case, you may not want a grant search done and then can skip on to simply asking for a quote for a written proposal.




 03  Is my organization/ my project grant worthy?

In my initial consultation with you, that is provided free of charge, I will not take on projects if they are not grant worthy.   For example, if your nonprofit organization cannot show proof that you are current with your annual reporting requirements and in good status, then I cannot help you until you resolve that issue.   Likewise, particular projects themselves may not be grant worthy.  For example, some funders will not cover ongoing maintenance costs and prefer to cover new programs/ new ideas.   Also, many funders will not award grants if they far exceed your normal annual budget.  I can let you know my opinion on your ideas, free of charge.   




 04  What do I need to provide to you?

All nonprofit organizations or tax exempt organizations need to have all of your grant supportive documents in order.   These include items such as your Form 990 tax reporting, a current audit statement, your 501c3 letter from the IRS or other tax exempt proof, your annual budget (current, and past), etc.    Without these documents to copy and send along with your grant, most potential funders will not even accept your application for consideration. If you need help gathering these or creating these, 123 Grant Writer LLC can assist you for a small additional fee. We will need a short few sentence synopsis of your project idea, including who is the target audience, what is the approximate budget needed, what will the outcome be to the community you serve, etc. 




 05  What do I do if I have more questions?

Simply send me an email, and I will respond to you within 48 hours.

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