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All services are quoted on an individual client basis.  Feel free to email anytime to set up a free phone appointment to discuss further.  Written quotes will be given for your consideration.  All clients will be required to sign a client agreement before services begin.

Consulting & Grant Searching
Grant Writing by Ann Keefe
Grants prepared and ready for signature by Ann Keefe, Ohio Grant Writer
1. Consulting & Grant Searching

Discuss your ideas with a professional and learn if they are grant worthy.  Strategically plan on what is possible with grant funding.  Allow me to grant search for you. Searches will include known sources with their complete information that match your missions and goals.  Take this and write your own grants, or ask me to help you.

2. Grant Writing

I can create rough drafts of applications for you, then work with you in team effort to edit them for accuracy and thoroughness.  Taking your comments, I'll prepare your final cover letters, letters of intent,  and full proposals.   I will interact with Grant Officers from funding sources on your behalf to assure that all information is presented appropriately and your story gets heard.

 3. Signature Ready Documents & Reports

Many documents make up a single proposal.  If you need help creating grant supportive documents, I can assist.  All full proposals will be prepped as signature ready.  Once awarded, if you need assistance with reporting, I can do that for you as well.

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