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Empowering rural nonprofits: Why hiring a professional can be a strategic planning move

A professional grant writer assisting a nonprofit leader

Leveraging grant funds from outside your local rural area can provide local nonprofit organizations with the boost they need to maintain their finances and expand their vision. Whether it’s shelter for the homeless, innovative preK-12 or University education programs, necessary healthcare or emergency services, critical conservation of agricultural land and natural environments, or expansion of parks and outdoor recreation, there is funding available if you know where to look.


Funds from local charitable foundations and corporations are invaluable to nonprofits and are appreciated. However, targeting a broader spectrum of potential resources can provide funds to further expand services to people in need, and infuse the local economy with outside funds to strengthen educational efforts, healthcare essentials, and local conservation and outdoor recreation efforts.


That's where a professional local grant writer can help. A local person understands the needs of rural communities. Researching lesser-known potential funding sources and writing effective grant applications are their specialties.


While hiring a professional might seem like an expense, the cost is outweighed by the advantages. Here are some key benefits:


• Expertise and Experience: Grant Professionals have experience and specialized knowledge in crafting successful grant proposals. They understand the intricacies of the application process and what the funders are seeking.


• Time Efficiency: Grant writing can be time-consuming. By hiring a professional, a nonprofit's staff can focus on the organization's mission instead of spending countless hours researching and writing proposals.


• Higher Success Rates: Because of experience and expertise, Grant Professionals often have higher success rates in securing funding. They know how to tailor proposals to meet the specific requirements and preferences of various funders.


• Networking: Experienced Grant Professionals often have established relationships with funders and have established a network of contacts that can be beneficial to nonprofits. These connections can increase the chances of getting grants.


• Quality of Writing: Clear, concise, and compelling proposals are the product of high-quality writing, and can make a significant difference in how proposals are received and evaluated.


• Research Capabilities: Grant Professionals are skilled in researching potential funding opportunities that align with the nonprofit’s mission and goals, and often invest in resources to aid in that research. They can identify and target the most appropriate grants, increasing the likelihood of success.


• Strategic Planning: Grant Professionals can help develop a comprehensive grant strategy, ensuring that the nonprofit is consistently applying for relevant grants and diversifying its funding sources.


• Objectivity: An external writer can provide an unbiased perspective on the nonprofit’s projects and programs, helping to present them in the most favorable light to funders.


• Compliance and Accuracy: Professionals are familiar with compliance requirements and ensure that all necessary information and documentation are included in the proposal. This reduces the risk of disqualification due to technical errors or omissions.


Overall, hiring a Grant Professional can be a strategic investment for a nonprofit, leading to more effective and successful grant applications – and the infusion of funding from sources outside of the normal donors.


I've been writing grant applications – both as a past employee for local nonprofits, county, and state organizations and as a professional contractor – for more than 20 years. As one of the most experienced local professionals, I would like to offer my expertise to your organization. Please feel free to contact me at or call 419-619-4436.


Moving forward together,


Ann Keefe

123 Grant Writer LLC


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