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Grant Writing Strategy: Do Your Homework!

Preparing your organization for grant writing is a critical first step. Gather your information. It is pointless to start grant writing unless your organization has all the necessary documents in hand. These include things such as an approved annual budget, your past year's taxes filings (Form 990 in most cases), your current board member list, your current staff list, etc. Then to make sure you are current, double check yourself by doing a charitable organization search for your organization on the attorney general and the secretary of state websites in your region. Add or correct any missing or incomplete information.

Define specific, grant-worthy ideas listing actual costs, staff involved, partnerships, etc. so that all is ready and agreed upon before the grant search begins. The more details, the better you can refine your search.

Cast your net wide for prospects!

Grant prospecting is a little like homework!

Searching, reading, searching, reading, calling, searching, reading, calling....check and double-check your information! I think this process is comparable to writing a thesis in college. Do not overlook the facts; do not make assumptions.

Create a list of funding sources which match your project goals. Include contact information, deadlines, etc. so that you have a great start to 2019!

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