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Prospecting for Grants...Find the Right Fit

Prospecting for new grants can be tedious for busy development offices and small non-profits with limited staff. Many offices may not even know where to begin looking for grants that apply to your needs. Consider hiring a grant professional to help you create a list of grants that your organization is eligible for this year, and more importantly, matches with your mission and goals for the year. This time-consuming task of simply finding grants can easily be achieved with a skilled grant professional's assistance.

You can help by writing down your list of needs, short descriptions of your project, and a rough budget for the goal. It is also important that the grant professional understands your timeline for the project. Please share any collaborations you have with other nonprofits to achieve a common goal. Understanding the project's overall goal, with an associated budget and partners, is critical to finding the right grants that could help you in the time period you need funding.

123 Grant Writer LLC assists organizations with creating a "Top Ten" List of Grant Prospects. Grant prospecting can be done on a one-time, quarterly, or once-annual basis. Searching through the thousands of grants out there to find the few right for your particular project and in your specific geography is a professional skill. Hiring someone to help you create these lists may be the difference in your organization getting funded this year. Once you have your current prospect list, you can take it and write grants with your organization's staff, or you can hire a grant professional to assist you further with the writing. Best of luck in your search for the right fit!


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