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Finding Grant Sources - Invest the time!

If it were easy to find grant sources, everyone would do it. Finding sources that are well matched to your non-profit's mission and to your specific project for the year takes time and practice. Many times an organization does not have a a person in place who can sacrifice a lot of time just looking for grant sources, as the workload is already full. If this sounds like your organization, then consider hiring a skilled grant writer to complete the grant sources research.

123 Grant Writer LLC offers this type of grant searching services. After meetings with the client to get to know your organization and your current project, a thorough search can be conducted using many and varied professional tools. Tools include professional subscriptions, background knowledge of grants, existing networks of contacts, previous knowledge, skills to search government and private websites for the most recent application information, and the ability to speak with grant officers on your organizations' behalf to vet your project ideas with individual funding sources. All of this information is then compiled and shared. This then allows your organization to make informed decisions about which funding sources to pursue in the next twelve months.

Making sure your future grant applications are well targeted to funding sources that are well matched to your project goals will assure your best future success. It is well worth your time and investment to do the research!

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